Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kokoda Training

No, I'm not doing the Kokoda Track. I just thought I might join a few others who are training for it. A short two hour circuit, three very steep hills, a Simon Special.

Chambers Gully

Afternoon rains cooled the day, so it was an enjoyable hike when all the trees and grasses were moist, fresh rain is a beautiful smell. Found a koala sitting on the ground which was pretty special, although certainly unusual. It was, as they always are, lethargic. Enjoyed catching with some old friends and chatting, even while climbing some of the crazy tracks. I've not been down some of the tracks before, I love how there are so many tracks within Cleland Conservation Park, many more than those marked on the maps.

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Chambers Gully
Distance 6.5km
Start Time am
End Time pm
Moving Duration 1h45m
Stationary Duration 21m
Moving Average 3.7km/h
Overall Average 3.1km/h


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy, Thank you for posting details of your walks. I tried doing this loop last night - OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I managed to do the first bit up Chambers Gully, up the Widowmaker to Longridge, down Winter Track - the next bit is where I got a bit stuck - I found a crossing across the creek, but then lost the track, is there a track? & what is it called? - Adrienne's Hill? I had to crawl most of the way up the hill until I got to Pengana Spur Track. By this stage it was getting dark, so I walked down to Waterfall Gully Road & back to the car - I will have to try the last third of your hike another day!

Jez said...

There's a bit off off-track or scant-track walking here, yes indeed. It's only called Arrienne's Hill amongst a few friends, she might have once said something epic on it. A sanitized version on this walk is on Walking SA's Find a Place to Walk directory:

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