Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little too far perhaps

31km each day, pack carrying. Yeah. A little too far perhaps.

Heysen Trail - Burra to Black Jack Shelter to Mt Bryan East

It was Graham's doing. I blame him. I don't want to talk about it right now. A couple of long days of pack-carrying. Met someone who went to school with my mum. Hurt my feet. Got to wear socks with sandals to work for 4 days. Not a good look.

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Heysen Trail
Saturday Sunday
18/4/2009 19/4/2009
Burra to Black Jack Shelter Black Jack Shelter to Mt Bryan East
Distance 31.3km 32.1km
Start Time 8.36am 7.07am
End Time 5.25pm 4.16pm
Moving Duration 6h39m 6h49m
Stationary Duration 2h05m 2h21m
Moving Average 4.7km/h 4.7km/h
Overall Average 3.6km/h 3.5km/h
Oodometer 31.3km 63.4km

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