Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rawnsley Bluff

St Mary Peak is THE iconic hike in Wilpena Pound. So the Rawnsley Bluff hike held a little surprise for us, incredible views of Elder Range, Red Range and the Chace Range, not to mention the views back up inside Wilpena Pound from the Wilpena lookout.

Rawnsley Bluff, Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges National Park

The hike starts from Rawnsley Park Station, and indeed most of it is on their property and not within the national park. At the Wilpena lookout we saw some of Judith friends, and on the way back down from the bluff we met up some friends from our Heysen hiking club.

We were camping with Kate & Tim and Andrew & Candice up at our fav spot, Aroona Valley. The others set out on the St Mary Peak hike, this being Andrew & Candice's first trip to the Flinders. The following day Jude and I rode 70km, and the following day we hung around a bit and did the Bunyeroo Gorge hike.

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Rawnsley Bluff
Carpark to Rawnsley Bluff & return
Distance 11.3km
Start Time 10.18am
End Time 4.00pm
Moving Duration 3h13m
Stationary Duration 2h15m
Moving Average 3.5km/h
Overall Average 2.1km/h

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