Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Windiest Walking Ever

This is the windiest walking I have ever experienced, even beating my July 2008 walk along the Mt Arden ridge.

South to Cape Jervis

It was so windy climbing Mt Rapid that our sunglasses were ripped off our faces. We had planned to do the tougher Rapid Bay to Yoho Road via Mt Rapid first, then tackle the easier Wirrina Cove to Rapid Bay. However with the strong wind, it seemed unwise to tackle the clifftops between Wirrina Cove and Rapid Bay.

Near Second Valley forest we passed a dam, quite long and filled with reeds. The farmer had said it contained platypus, but we couldn't picture them living in a typical farm dam until we saw the extent and natural-like state of the dam.

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South to Cape Jervis
Rapid Bay to Yoho Road
Distance 8.8km

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