Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hot, hot, hot

The hottest day ever? Well, hiking maybe. It was hot out in the sun and there were plenty of hills. By midday though it came over with full cloud, and a light rain started. Soon the temperature had dropped by eight or nine degrees, oh the relief.

Kersbrook, Mt Crawford Forest

This hike from the Push the Bush book is very good. Apart from a little main bitumen road walking at the start, it is almost entirely in native bushland or plantation forest, with the occasional small dirt road.

We only got a little lost once, and it was easily overcome. We got lost just before Point 3, we were following the creek from the main fire track which we had left at the first valley. After a 200 hundred metres, there was no obvious tributary turning sharp right. Consulting the GPS, we decided to make the short climb up out the valley onto the parallel fire track which we think is where the tributary would have led (if it existed.)

In this same area, on this warm, early Sunday morning, and off of any tracks, we saw small group of hikers battling their way through the undergrowth. It turned out to be Julian and Colin walking with some friends doing a reccie walk for ARPA. So funny to meet them not on a track.

Due to the heat, we didn't do Point 12, we stuck to the main bitumen road back into Kersbrook.

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Kersbrook - Push the Bush
Kersbrook loop, Mt Crawford Forest
Distance 23.6km
Start Time 8.36am
End Time 2.37pm
Moving Duration 4h33m
Stationary Duration 1h19m
Moving Average 5.2km/h
Overall Average 4.0km/h

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