Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just a 15km Hike

Just a 15km hike, pretty flat, not very interesting, a few tracks. Well, that's what we were led to believe. Perhaps George Adams was trying out some reverse psychology. Yes, it was pretty flat, yes, it was only 15km, yes, it was predominately tracks, but no, it wasn't boring.

The Lavender Federation Trail
Day 1: Murray Bridge to Monarto

The hike started after some car shuffling, starting at the Murray River. Even though it was about 9.15am, there was still a morning mist over the river, but it lifted quickly. I think it had been -1C here in Murray Bridge last night. After posing for some photos beneath the sign marking the official start point on the Lavender Federation Trail, we headed off along the old wharf area. Lots of history about: old railway locos and carriages, old riverboats - both floating and sunken - old bridges, old machinery and old buildings.

After leaving the wharf area we walked through the wetlands, and through some streets on the outskirts of the town out into the open farming land. We followed the Adelaide to Melbourne railway, stopping for a morning snack.

Next up was Rocky Gully - a real highlight of the day's hike. George led us the rock which features on the front cover of the official map, so we sent some people up to recreate the photo. We meandered through the gully, the creek and railway also meandered through. As we passed out of the gully, we ate lunch.

We walked past the Monarto Zoological Park, seeing some giraffes in the distance, perhaps also some bison (Bev saw some) and something else I can't remember.

George laid on some coffee and biscuits, as two cars were sent back to Murray Bridge to get the cars. Just in time too, not so soon after we all got into the cars but it started raining. Thanks for George organising today's hike, and organising the car pooling and lollies enroute - not to mention his contribution through South Australian Recreational Trails. A good hike.

Did today's hike through Friends of the Heysen Trail, and will do the next hike on August 19 (2007) and a third one this year on October 21 (2007).
  • Distance: 15.5km
  • Hike time: 4 hours

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