Sunday, May 18, 2008

54 Seconds

The 54 second stop on the way downhill rests squarely on Kate and Tim's shoulders. They were slow, I had to wait for them - twice - otherwise the stop time would have been zero.

After a 6 week break - where I have been hiking or away - we returned to our training route of Mt Lofty Summit to Waterfall Gully. We did well, although I was a bit sore the next day. Not sure what was going on there? Evidently the hiking over the past 5 weekends was not enough... not sure, it could have just by evil body. (the last 5 weekends - to justify: April 25 - camping, April 13 - ABW hike, April 20 - Heysen Trail catch-up hike, May 4 - Heysen Trail catch-up, May 11 - Heysen Trail catch-up)

Anyway, a nice latte at the top today.


Anonymous said...

At this rate you will be overtrained

Anonymous said...


No need to boast.

Why not stand and point, jerring "Fatty boom ba"?

Get ready for Sunday ... it's on for young and old ...!

Kate "Slow Poke" Vanders

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