Saturday, August 2, 2008

Finishing the Yurrebilla

It's been some 11 months since the last stage - gosh, it's only a 3 day walk - but now we have finally completed the last section of the Yurrebilla Trail.

Eagle on the Hill to Belair National Park

Enjoyed walking up Brownhill Creek, and the bits around Eagle on the Hill were quite pleasant. Tim was our tour guide for this bit, a wealth of information in him. I'm writing this a week later, so frankly, I've got nothing else to add.

  • Distance: 14.8km
  • Start time: 10.10am
  • End time: 1.30pm

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Anonymous said...

How bout adding ...

... Remember to always pack 3 x the treats cos you know you're gonna have to share.

... Note, K&T really need to invest in rain pant things before Tassie.

... Much was made of the historical importance of the freeway.

... Servos shouldn't be turned into houses.

... Always buy lemons from a road side store. Especially if it's "Kate's Shop" and the advertising (aka blackboard) is scrawly and has been washed away. Tip 25% - it's good for the entrepreneurial spirit.

... Note to self. Don't walk this again. It wasn't worth the 11 month wait. Harsh? Perhaps. Reality? For sure.


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