Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chambers Gully and Mt Lofty circuit

A tough circuit walk using little-used tracks in Cleland Conservation Park.

Chambers Gully and Mt Lofty circuit

Starting from Chambers Gully, Graham took me on this hike which Steve had shown him. A good training hike due to it's numerous steep hills, from near Mt Lofty, where one could easily side-track for a morning coffee at the summit cafe, it heads around the boundary of Cleland Wildlife Park via a steep incline. From here it follows the ETSA spur trail to it's end, then following an indistinct track down to the Chinamans Hut ruin. From here it cross the popular Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty path for a second time, before heading over to the Old Bullock Track on the Pioneer Womens Trail and back to Chambers Gully.

An excellent tough hike, well recommended.

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Chambers Gully - Mt Lofty circuit
Distance 18.7km
Start Time 8.04am
End Time 12.02pm
Moving Duration 3h28m
Stationary Duration 29m
Moving Average 5.4km/h
Overall Average 4.7km/h

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