Monday, October 4, 2010

Grampians - Mt Difficult and Briggs Bluff Circuit

The climb up to Mt Difficult from Troopers Creek is a tough one, but rewarding. The loop around to Briggs Bluff via Long Point is also beautiful - all a very rewarding walk.

Grampians National Park

The 470m climb up to Mt Difficult, is, um, difficult. The trail follows follows the cliff face up. I guess it is a long, steep climb, which is where the difficulty comes in.

We hiked the circuit out to Long Point and around to Briggs Bluff, then back to Mt Difficult, in one day. It was a long weekend, there were many people out, some doing day walks, others camping overnight.

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Grampians National Park
Sunday Monday
03/10/2010 04/10/2010
Troopers Creek to Mt Difficult via Long Point and Briggs Bluff Mt Difficult to Troopers Creek
Distance 19.2km 3.8km
Start Time 7.38am 6.52am
End Time 4.33pm 8.26am
Overall Average 2.0km/h 2.0km/h
Oodometer 19.2km 23.0km

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