Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mylor to Aldgate circuit

A great half-day circuit, much of it within reserves, reserves I had no idea existed.

Mylor to Aldgate circuit

I had seen this walk on Everytrail by HeysenBarry. The photos showed a lot of reserve walking, I couldn't quite figure out how, but true enough, after following his GPS trace into a small path off of Stock Road, we were led through a long, peaceful reserve - the Valley of the Bandicoots (and more here) A few other dirt tracks, side roads, and then back along the Heysen Trail to Mylor. A good loop.

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Mylor to Aldgate circuit
Distance 10.9km
Start Time 8.28am
End Time 11.02am
Moving Duration 2h14m
Stationary Duration 10m
Moving Average 4.9km/h
Overall Average 4.5km/h

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